Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN)

Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN) was established as a platform for Muslim youth in Australia to meet each other, share experiences, build friendships and strengthen the network of the whole Muslim Ummah.

AMYN organises events around Australia for the youth to develop in their Islamic, academic, sporting and social lives based on four principles:

  • Educate! – seek knowledge, keep your mind in shape
  • Energize! – boost in Iman, keep your heart in shape
  • Exercise! – get fit, keep your body in shape
  • Socialize! – build relationships, keep the Muslim Ummah in shape!

Since establishment, AMYN has organised numerous activities to benefit the youth:-

AMYN Outdoor and Camping

AMYN Outdoor and Camping is one of the regular activity done under the management of AMYN since 2010. AMYN organises regular camps and outings for young Muslims.  These camps are designed to build brotherhood between Muslim youth and also to provide halal recreational alternative to the youth. 

9th AMYN Annual Camp

Strengthen brotherhood, enjoy various activities and stay near beautiful beaches in Northern NSW. CAMP INCLUDES:
Three times a Day Food (Simple meal) & Return Transportation

For Bookings, Please email with your name, contact number, age and time of contact.
A Volunteer will contact you and confirm your seat

18th Jan till Mon the 21st Jan 2019.

8th Annual AMYN Summer Camp

A friend in need is a friend indeed! On the day of Judgement, some Muslims plead to Allah to save their Muslim friends from hell fire and Allah exactly that!

This is how important it is to have pious friends.

So attend yourself, or send your youth, to the 8th Annual AMYN Summer Brotherhood Camp 2016 for brothers only this 16th December till Monday the 19th December 2016.


AMYN 7th Annual Camp Straddie Buddies

It is true that we always wish to be on beach seaside to witness the sensation of sand between toes, the calm fizz of cool sea waves, the sea breezes blowing away the worries from our minds.

We may love being on the beach for different reasons such as whether to swim, sand board, snorkel, go on Nature Walks, do Scuba Diving, do Kayaking or Surf; or simply to sit, stare and listen to the sound of ocean.

AMYN Survivor Youth Camp 2014

Spend Summer 2013-14 under the Queensland Sun plus max fun & Adventures Australia wide participants invited.

Survivor Team Building Skills – Seminars + Workshops

Survivor Adventures & Competitions.

AMYN Annual Summer Camp 2013

Beached, Rainforest, Sports and a chance to Chillax with the Bros!

AMYN Summer Camp 2013

Make new friends, meet old ones, strengthen the brotherhood and be inspired with Islamic talks in a great environment with beautiful greenery, breathing the fresh sea air!

AMYN Youth Day Out Gold Coast Trip Oct 2012


Join us for an exciting day at the Gold Coast!

Join us for a great, fun-filled day at the Gold Coast. A delicious barbecue, great soccer matches, fishing and much more! Hang out with good friends and strengthen the brotherhood.

    AMYN Summer Camp Mt. Warning Jan 2011


Join us in AMYN Summer Camp Mt.Warning Holiday Park for adventurous Mountain Hiking & Bush Walking, Sight Seeing, Swimming, Beachsports, Fishing, and more!!

Presented by Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN)

Our Previous Camps & Activities

AMYN Summer Camp BornHoffen 2011

AMYN Youth Weekend-Out 2010

Outdoor and Camping Activities

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AMYN Sports Events & Tournaments

AMYN holds soccer/futsal competitions in Brisbane and Melbourne. The tournament brings together Muslim youth from a wide variety of backgrounds and gives them chance to get to know more about each other, make new friends and strengthen ties of brotherhood, all the while exercising and getting fit! The AMYN Friendship Cup is one of the most highly-contested Islamic tournaments with teams coming from far and wide to join the competition.

AMYN Futsal Tournament QLD 2015

AMYN Fursal Tournament QLD 2015

AMYN Inter-Uni Cup QLD 2011

AMYN Cup QLD 2011

AMYN Inter-Uni QLD 2010

AMYN Cup QLD 2010



A1-AMYN 7 a Side Cup QLD 2009

AMYN Cup QLD 2009

VIC 2009

AMYN Cup VIC 2009

AMYN Conventions & Talks

AMYN International Guest Speaker from Malaysia – Pre Ramadan Talks

A Pre Ramadan Preparation 2-Night Program

International Guest Speaker From Malaysia

Sheikh Dr Fadlan  (UKM University, Malaysia)

Lecturer, Author, Speaker, Counselor


WAMY & AMYN 2 Moving Talks with Scholars from Saudi Arabia

WAMY & AMYN Presents 2 Moving Talks with Scholars from Saudi Arabia

Dr Ismail Al Jraiwy 

Sh Sami Al Anqary

Dr Majed Al Frayan

English Topic: Heart Softening Glimpses from the Lives of the Companions”


AMYN Weekend Islamic Wisdom With The Scholars

A series of Talks wrapped up in a weekend by Prominent Scholars from Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Zayed Ibn Abdullah Al Qaruun 

Vice Deen of Shariah Faculty Islamic Uni, Riyadh.

Sheikh Majid Bin Salih Al Faryan

Fiqh Lecturer of Shariah Faculty, Islamic Uni Riyadh.

Topic: Fiqh of Food & Drink

Prophetic Guidance for Contemporary Marriages

Fiqh of Islamic Business & Finance


AMYN Annual Convention 2013 Bonds of Attraction

Three most fulfilling Bonds of Attraction in our lives are with: our Lord Allah, our own selves, and our beloved families, including our wiveshusbands and children. The stronger these bonds, the more you’ll deeply enjoy every moment of your life! At BondsOfAttraction Convention, Shaykh and Dr Aslam AbuIsmaeel, brings his scholarly training from the Islamic University of Medina, his two decades of Muslim community work experience, over ten years of Islamic relationship counselling along with his extensive relationship learning from some of the leading world renowned relationship therapists and researchers.

Sisters' Activities

Sisterhood is one of the essences that AMYN is involved in attracting the young Muslimah to appreciate the beauty of Islam.  To build this sisterhood, AMYN sisters coordinate many social and educational events for the sisters.  Among sisters annual events are Fun Days, night sleepovers at AMYN Centre, picnics and dinners.  Alhamdulillah many sisters participate in these events and AMYN is always committed in the self-development of the sisters.

Sisters ‘Mid Summer Galmour


Fun! Excitement! Activities!

Henna Designs, Hijab Tutorials, Games and More!


  Desert Rose Dinner Night

Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN ) Presentation
Come explore the rich culture of Algeria on a night filled with exotic Algerian Food,Games and More !



Some of our previous Sisters' Activities

Inspiring Role Models

The Strangers Tour

The Strangers Tour featured Boona Mohammad (The Poet), Baba Ali (The Stand-Up Comedian) and Shaikh Navaid Aziz (Scholar of Islam).  The trio was invited by AMYN, HikmahWay Institute and Sunnah Inspirations to deliver their performance to the Brisbane Audience. Their appearance in Brisbane was an awaited moment for their fans.  This tour also was used as a mean to raise funds for the mosque. Alhamdulillah approximately 400 people attended the talk.

The Strangers' Tour: Boonaa Mohammed, Baba Ali and Shaikh Navaid Aziz

Amir Muhaddith a.k.a. ‘Loon’- Brisbane Tour

Loon was a rap icon in the United States and reverted to Islam in 2010. It was huge surprise since he had all the worldly pleasure at his fingertips. But he chose Islam over his popularity. He travelled to western countries in order to meet Muslims and instil the confidence of Islam in them.With the Muslim youth in Australia struggling to find their identity by imitating Hollywood stars, the Loon tour to Australia was highly anticipated by the Brisbane community. The program went well with approximately 600 people attended.

Loon, Ex-Rapper Becomes Muslim

Omar Regan Brisbane Tour

Omar Regan is a Hollywood actor who made name through his appearance in the movie ‘Rush Hour 2’. His story was an inspiring one as he went through his youth in the mayhem of Detroit city.  His story of being able to practice Islam despite the environment he lived in captured the audience.   Omar Regan also grabbed the intention of the youth by sharing jokes while putting Islamic hints to them. He delivered two talks in Brisbane, which were attended by more than 300 people.

Omar Regan - Hollywood to Brotherhood

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